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How I fixed my hair with Color Zap

Using Color Zap to remove hair dye with pictures *HAIR SAMPLE PHOTOS *GUEST BOOK *hair colors i have had since

About this webpage

I made this site to show others the hair dye remover results I achived from my own personal hair samples using Loreal ColorZap. 

 A bit about my hair backround:    

       I have been coloring my hair Black for at least 3 years now and before that it was all pretty colors of the rainbow. I have grown tired of the black and would like to lighten it to a honey brown with blonde highlights.  NOTHING I tried would take 3 years of black hair dye off my head. Forget growing it out! I am to impatient for all that; I have LONG hair and waited to long to have to cut it short only to do it all over again. This is just my personal experience using this particular product.


 I tried a bunch of them drug store bleach blonde kits like Maxi Blonde, Color Oops and all those simalar products.  The only  thing those did was ligthen my feshly colored black roots to a pukey orange. Not what I was going for, I went to Happy Harry's and purchased a product called "color fixer" it was like 12 bucks; I tried it, and it did squat. I was so frustrated, I was ready to give up. I was not about to fry my boob length hair by bleaching the black dye out even though that was everyone's only suggestion. No way! Nor was the second option: I am far to poor and cheap to spend large amounts of $$ at a hair salon. I gave up and bought a dark brown color. At least my roots aren't  orange anymore; just a funky looking color which kinda looks kool..(not!)

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 A few weeks later I got the color itch again.I was craveing this beautiful light brown color with the  beautiful highlights and everywhere I turned someone had it, taunting me. I decided bleaching was my only option so I hopped in my grocery-go-getter and headed of to my local Sally's Beauty Supply store. I was getting all the things together I needed for bleaching when I heard this squeaky little voice almost outta nowhere: "Your gonna fry the shit outta your hair if you do that". It was  a worker putting back items on the shelf. I told her my sob story and she asked if had ever used a color remover I told her about the small savings I spent on the Happy Harry's crap and said she was sorry I wasted my bucks. She lead me over to the COLOR ZAP, I was soooo skeptical, this box is gonna remove 3 yrs of built up black dye? She said "Yep. It might take 2 applications  because your hair is so long,but it will do it". I gave her the 'I don't believe you' glance and she said "Its that or fry your hair". Seeing I had nothing left to lose except my hair, I went for it.


I got back in my car after spending 40 bucks on 4 boxes. (again my hair is really long!) and headed home. I cut a snip of hair right from the end in the back part of my hair were the build up is the most. I mixed a small amount equal to full amount and waited the 60 mins like the box said. THE DIRECTIONS WERE FOLLOWED AS WRITTEN ON THE BOX! it gives a time chart and all that real easy to read to which i loved by the way. I went off and piddled around the house and came back to my little hair snippet. WOW!! it had really lightened it ! it was like nothing i had seen before it was a medium reddish color but heck it wasn't black and that was 3 yrs of build up! . I washed and dried the hair sample and reapplied a little bit to it again and waited. When i came back it was a strawberry blondish color! far more lighter then i had ever hoped for! it had even taken the color i had on before the the black ( vampire red by manic panic) out completely it was almost to the original golden color i remember starting off with years ago ( my original hair is auburn and at home blonde kits made it golden with red highlights)

I am very pleased with the color of my sample hair piece, i can't wait to be able to do all my hair and update the pictures. Too accomplish the honey brown color i will have to get the red tones out but that will be so much easier then bleaching my whole head!

good luck with your hair!

ps. my hair does not seem to damaged at all form using this in any way in fact is it smooth and soft this product is not a bleach just a hair color 'eraser' , make sure you use a good condition I like Biotera found at Sally's and don't shampoo hair everyday!

BEFORE YOU COLOR NEXT TIME USE A PROTEIN FILLER IT WILL GIVE EVEN RESULTS the color won't 'grab' in some places and the protein will help make your hair 'stronger'


i don't care what it is always do one

if you don't and your hair melts or turns green or something crazy it's your own dumb fault, i would rather sacrifice  a 2 inch section hair then lose ALL my hair. Just sayin.




  Updated 2010